by Maria Hubmer-Mogg (comments: 0)

... the World Health Organization (WHO) will in future intervene directly in your life in the event of a health emergency, thereby overriding our rule of law?

... in the future, the head of the WHO will be able to dictate what you have to do, where you are allowed to stay and which pharmaceutical products you have to pay for and take?

... you cannot defend yourself against it, because there is no official body to support you - neither in our country nor at the WHO?

... that our government has to comply with the WHO requirements (lockdown, vaccinations, etc.) in the future?

... that our politicians do not have an active say in who will dictate which regulations to you?

... that the WHO can choose which products to use on the basis of the new treaties? Competing products from other manufacturers and nations will not be bought.

... neither we citizens nor our governments can elect the Director General of WHO or influence the projects and goals?

... the politicians will probably approve the final regulations just as unquestioningly, since they are already not negotiating in the interests of the citizens?

... your freedom to travel will in future depend on the current specifications of the WHO, since it can determine whether and where citizens are allowed to travel?

... the WHO dictates what you are allowed to learn and discuss with others, since the constitutionally anchored freedom of the press and freedom of opinion is to be suspended?

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